One-to-one Inner Art Tuition for Children

Fun and fulfilling Art lessons for children at Inner Art Studio in Reigate.

With their big imaginations and sense of fun, children are our ready-made artists.
Inner Art Tuition's priority is to nurture and guide children's beautiful individuality and natural aptitudes.
One-to-one art tuition is a wonderful opportunity for children to become confident in expressing their inner voice through art. Our safe and friendly art studio space in Reigate is exclusively encouraging, and our biggest enjoyment is enabling young artists to make progress along their own unique art path.

Inner Art Tuition helps children:

- learn new art techniques

- experiment with a wide variety of art materials

- work on different scales

- develop a sketchbook

- learn about artists & art in a wider context

- explore their own ideas & imagination

- produce artwork they are proud of.

Extra learners 

With our 'Two-to-one', or 'Three-to-one' options for share art lessons with siblings or friends.

Art Scholarships

Many parents chose Inner Art Tuition to help their children prepare for Art Scholarships and create an Art Portfolio. We are recommended by local independent schools.

Additional Needs

We support students with additional needs - let us know how we can help. 


Our experienced and qualified Art tutors provide the structure and expertise for students to create and submit Art GCSE Coursework and prepare for Art GCSE Exams. We tailor art learning for the individual, not only to gain qualifications, but to ensure inspiration and enjoyment for life long Art learning. Our examination centre is Inner Art candidates are entitled to discounted exmaination fees.

Inner Art Tutors are DBS checked, fully insured & have many, many combined years of art teaching experience. 

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Passion & fun

Inner Art Tuition is personalised and tasks are tailored to your child's interests 

Specialist guidance

We use professional art equipment and art materials for high-quality outcomes

Home learners

Suitable for home schoolers, children with additional needs, and those less mobile. 

For children of all ages

From Year 1 to 8, through GCSEs, and onto A levels, we support all developmental stages.

Quiet & chatty

Don't worry about chit-chat if your young artist prefers quiet, although we love talking all things art too!

Seeking help?

Inner Art Tuition is for learners of all types - little steps lead to big achievements