Art GCSE & A Level with Inner Art

Specialist Art Tuition & Guidance for Art GCSE & A Level

at Inner Art Studio, in person at home, & Online. 

Art GCSE & A Level are exciting and developmentally fulfilling for young artists. We make challenges achievable whilst sharing a genuine creative journey full of Art discovery. We tailor Art learning for the individual, not only to gain qualifications, but to inspire a life long love of Art.


What's on Offer for GCSE

Inner Art’s structure and expertise give children aducated at home aged 13yrs+ (Year 9 & above) a comprehensive pathway of study to create their Art GCSE Portfolio and prepare for their Art GCSE Externally Set Assignment.

Tailored to Individuals

Inner Art's GCSE Course course is taught by Inner Art Founder & Tutor Katie Beth who has over 25yrs teaching experience and specialist training in delivering and meeting Art GCSE specifications. We’re lucky to have an Art GCSE moderator at Inner Art too.

Art GCSE with Inner Art is open to just 4-5 students each year. Katie Beth is fully committed to each individual student and tailors all Art learning to suit different learning needs, unique interests and aptitudes. Ongoing feedback is provided to help students continually improve their work, and assessment is at regular intervals throughout the course.

Eliza started her Art GCSE with Inner Art when studying at home rather than in school became essential for her creative progress. Her love of illustration, fascination with identity, and her unique ways of seeing the world all came into play for her thorough and lovingly collated Art Portfolio. Her ESA theme of childhood enabled her to secure a brilliant overall Art GCSE result, opening up her next steps into a further education college.

More Opportunities

There are lots of opportunities to connect with other Art learners during the course. We share our ideas, motivate each other, and enjoy a feeling of unity, security and positive productivity. 

Art GCSE enables learners to express their ideas through a broad range Fine Art disciplines: Drawing, Painting, Sculpture. Mixed Media and Photography. Our GCSE course unlocks further educational opportunities for students eg A levels, vocational training, and university courses.

GCSE Course Structure 

For completion of Art GCSE, we offer weekly / fortnightly 1-2-1 Inner Art Tuition in person or online (at mutually convenient times), and a set 2hr online weekly term time group Online Art GCSE Course

Our GCSE course is 5-6 terms in duration, over a period of 2 years.
Preferred start time is Summer or Autumn Terms.

 Our exam centre is where Inner Art candidates benefit from discounted fees.

Art A Level with Inner Art

We provide support for Art A Level through 1-2-1 Inner Art Tuition. Whether you need help with your personal investigation or externally set assignment, or to make the leap from a GCSE mindset to skills for further education, we're here with the tools and expertise to make it happen.

Katie Beth's extensive experience teaching Art A Level gives students the opportunity to meet course requirements whilst cultivating passion for Art and retaining freedom of expression. 


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Inner Art GCSE Course Term Dates & Booking



Katie Beth has been simply amazing at helping my daughter with her GCSE Art. My daughter felt quite overwhelmed at first by the sheer volume of work to complete and Katie Beth approached the task of assisting her in a very calm and methodical manner, with weekly targets clearly defined - as well as appraising her work to date so far. My daughter now feels more in control and organised and she herself is a lot happier as she can now see a clear pathway to completing her course. Also, Katie Beth has brought back some of the joys of art back into our home, as the task no longer seems so onerous! I highly recommend her as a tutor.” L.

We just wanted to let you know that A got a place to study Textiles at Reigate College. She is completely over the moon and we are so happy for her. We just wanted to thank you for running such a studio, where you go with the creative streak of the students. A. could not have done it without the help of Inner Art. You helped build her confidence as well as her GCSE Art Portfolio. Our thanks to Inner Art, without whom A.’s dream would not have been possible.” H.

For Art GCSE & A Level Inner Art provides:

- guidance for fulfilling Art GCSE & A Level requirements & Assessment Objectives

- a structured GCSE Course with 'in person' & online options 

- help with gallery/museum visits, work placements

- framework for independent study 

- ongoing feedback & assessment 

- monitoring progress & work completion for deadlines

- support for selection, organisation, annotation & presentation of work

- assistance with booking Art GCSE or A Level as a private candidate 

Inner Art helps GCSE & A Level students to:

- explore & apply new Art processes 

- develop technical skills & improve techniques

- experiment with a wide variety of Art materials & outcomes 

- work on different scales & in different formats 

- record development and progress in a sketchbook 

- regularly review & refine their Artwork 

- apply understanding about artists & Art in a wider context to their own work

- express their own unique ideas, feel motivated & fulfilled

- prepare & sit their Art GCSE & A Level exams

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Extra learners 

With our 'Two-to-one', or 'Three-to-one' options for sharing Art lessons with siblings or friends.

Additional Needs

We support students with additional needs - let us know how we can help. 

Online Tuition

 Enjoy one-to-one online Art learning and access expertise and support from home.

Inner Art Tutors are DBS checked, fully insured & have many, many combined years of art teaching experience.