Inner Art Online Tuition

Encouragment, fun and Art support via one-to-one online Art classes.

Inner Art Online Tuition for children & adults is a wonderfully practical way to enjoy one-to-one Art learning and access the expertise and support of our Inner Art Tutors from home. It gives you the freedom to create artwork at your own pace, and decide when to receive feedback. There's no need to come to Inner Art Studio, just create a little space at home with the Art materials you have, and use your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop.

One-to-one Inner Art Online Tuition is:

- Engaging with inspiring resources

- Personal, with relevant tasks tailored to you

- Embedded with constructive & applicable feedback

- Suitable for siblings, friends & co-learners too! 

Inner Art tutors are DBS checked, fully insured & have many, many combined years of art teaching experience. 

Option 1

(ages 5 upwards)

Inner Art Online video call: 1hr / 1.5hrs / 2hrs

Our Art tutor works alongside you/your child for the whole duration by:

 Discussing what to create & why
- Choosing what to use & which methods
- Talking about how to start & making a plan
- Working alongside each other during the making process & discussing progress
- Analysing outcomes & areas for progress
- Giving praise & guiding self-reflection 


Option 2

(+ independent learners)

A combination of video call, resources & independent work 

1) Task Setting: video call with your tutor and/or resources provided via email  
2) Action & Submission: create your artwork & send it to your tutor via email
3) Feedback: written feedback provided to you via email from your tutor to analyse & review your artwork
...and this leads back into your next set starting with 1) Task Setting 

Total tutor input = 1hr per cycle (including provision of resources)
Your input = as long as you like!

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1) Task Setting

According to your interests, aims & experience, art tasks range from creating observational drawings & transcriptions of artists work, to experimenting with media & making outcomes. 

2) Action & Submission

Photograph your work and send it via email to your Inner Art Tutor. Your work could be in a sketchbook or on a larger scale, it can be partially finished, or complete -  it's your choice.

3) Feedback

Feedback is an integral part of your learning and linked in with your goals. It's constructive and encourages self-reflection, independent thinking & self-development.