Inner Art Aims & Philosophy

Inner Art provides fun, flexible & comprehensive Art tuition for all ages, giving specialist guidance and supporting individuals in making progress on their personal Art journeys.

Find out more about what sets us apart from other Art class providers. 

"I've had lots of teachers. Some great, some wonderfully terrible. My most memorable was my secondary school Art teacher who wore a Dennis the Menace jumper and sat cross legged without shoes on the classroom desk, strumming his guitar. Some of the teachers I have had in my life don't strictly count as "teachers"; they've been friends, family, and even a stranger here or there. And whether they knew or not, they played a part in my Art education. I believe there are many vehicles through which we can discover the world and ourselves - Art is my favourite one. Art enables us to make our own rules, write our own truths, and share our vision with others. And best of all, an Art appreciation makes life that little bit more colourful, more beautiful and it's a perfect stepping stone to discovering what it means to be truly alive."

Inner Art Founder, Katie Beth

Expressing your Inner Self

A student once said when she started to "give herself permission" her whole artistic experience began to change. When we unlearn judgement and free ourselves from expectation, our inner self is given space to unfold and shine. 

Providing Tools

Every trade has its own unique skills, and through our Art tuition, we equip students with the necessary tools to record what they see, generate ideas, develop techniques and create outcomes.

Facilitating Choice

Equipped with the tools of techniques and confidence, a world of choices opens up. What to make, who to be, what to become? What we do in the now, our very thoughts and decisions affect our future. What will you do now and where will it take you?

Enabling Autonomy  

It's a special day when birds fly the nest, as is the time when students trust their own inner ability and leave behind the home of Art tuition. To enable autonomy and facilitate self-direction - this is our ultimate aim within Inner Art.

"The only true law is that which leads to freedom"

from Jonathan Livingston Seagul by Richard Bach

"When the student is ready the teacher appears"

Buddha Siddhartha Guatama Shakyamuni